E-tjenesten benekter simulert angrep (Svalbardposten)
Nettstedet aldrimer.no mener Russland øvde på invasjon av Svalbard under storøvelsen «Zapad 2017» i september. E-tjenesten mener det er feilaktige spekulasjoner. (Svalbardposten)
US fisheries diplomat “hopeful” of Arctic moratorium  (Highnorthnews.com)
The US diplomat leading negotiations to delay the opening of the central part of the Arctic Ocean to commercial fishing until scientists have gathered enough information in order establish regulations to prevent overfishing says the next (and sixth) round of talks will be the final session. (Highnorthnews.com)
An Unusual Arctic Guest: Saudi’s King visiting Russia (Highnorthnews.com)
Early October, the city of Moscow offered a platform to a signal event: the first ever state visit to Russia by a reigning Saudi monarch. And King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud did not come alone. His entourage included a high-profile delegation and the prospects of joint cooperation between Russia and Saudi Arabia in the fields of trade, investment and regional conflict resolution. (Highnorthnews.com)
Russia to Build Nature Protection Fleet   (Highnorthnews.com)
Sergei Donskoi, the Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, confirms that the program of the Arctic socioeconomic development includes construction of an environmental protection fleet after 2021. (Highnorthnews.com)
Manglende varmtvann i 238.1 til 238.19B (Longyearbyen lokalstyre)
Vi har oppdaget en lekkasje i undersentralen som forsyner husrekka 238.1 til 238.19B med varmtvann. (Longyearbyen lokalstyre)
Replikk: To tanker i hodet er sjelden dumt (Highnorthnews.com)
- Christin Kristoffersen gjør seg i High North News 16.10 til dommer over mitt kunnskapsnivå. Det må hun gjerne gjøre. Selv velger jeg å avstå fra en slik debattform, skriver Per Arne Totland i denne replikken. (Highnorthnews.com)
Katastrofeøvelse i Svea (Svalbardposten)
Klokken 9.50 gikk katastrofealarmen. (Svalbardposten)
Russian Demonstration of Power in Northern Waters (Highnorthnews.com)
Russia is building impressive infrastructure along its northern coastline and facilitates increased traffic through the Northern Sea Route (NSR). (Highnorthnews.com)
New Schooling Experience for Nunavik’s Youth (Highnorthnews.com)
Students from Nunavut have long had the opportunity to engage in the post-secondary schooling experience  Nunavut Sivuniksavut. However, now students from Nunavik (Northern Quebec) also have an opportunity to pursue culturally appropriate education in Montreal focusing on their own unique history.   (Highnorthnews.com)
Editorial: Muscles are flexed in the Arctic – but they are not Norwegian (Highnorthnews.com)
Reykjavik: - The Arctic holds the highest suicide rate in the world, Tero Vauraste said. – We have to do something about that, he added. Most attendees were prepared for a lecture in financial accounting and about politicians hampering business growth in the High North. (Highnorthnews.com)