The Value of Friends in “High-Latitude” Places
Who do you call when you need a job done on short notice, in total darkness, under 100-percent ice cover, thousands of meters at the bottom of the sea?
Crisis-ridden Norwegian cruise and adventure company sells properties in Svalbard
“Svalbard is a key destination for us and we have a timeless ... tycoon Huang Nubo said he would bid for a 218 square km privately-own property located near Longyearbyen, and that he planned to build ...
Growing vegetables in the Arctic Circle, thanks to permaculture
From the Saharan desert beyond the latitudes of the polar circle, permaculture is showing us that it is now possible to grow fruits and vegetables all year round under harsh conditions. Originally ...
Luke Coffey: My friend Tobias Ellwood is right to want Britain to purchase this piece of Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Circle
Some are having fun with Alan Duncan’s diary revelation that Tobias Ellwood suggested, back in 2017, that the United Kingdom purchase a piece of Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago located well above ...
Blog: The Czech Republic goes for Arctic Council observer status
(Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP / via Getty Images) General view of Longyearbyen on August 28, 2020 in Longyearbyen, Svalbard Norway. The Svalbard archipelago lies approximately 1,200km north of the Arctic ...
The tip of the iceberg
And Russia opened a tourist camp in Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s capital, last year. “Russia has plenty of Arctic towns to promote as a tourist destination, so in focusing specifically on Svalbard it’s ...
No COVID-19 cases, ever — and that’s just one thing residents of the world’s northernmost town like about it
“We hope for a normal fall semester — that we are back to normal operations,” says Eva Therese Jenssen, information manager for the University Centre of Svalbard, who has lived in Longyearbyen for 14 ...
This Chef Is Growing Fresh Fruits, Vegetables Near The North Pole With The Help Of Permaculture
Chef Benjamin Vidmar left the sunny beach life of Florida and moved his world to the northernmost city of the world: Longyearbyen. Located on the island of Sptisbergen of the Svalbard archipelago, the ...
Norway: Tourism and climate change
A Dutch campsite worker in Norway's Arctic has been killed by a polar bear on the remote Svalbard archipelago. Visitors to the islands are warned to take precautions, and such cases are rather rare.
The Value of Friends in “High-Latitude” Places
On Nov. 25, after more than a month at sea, the Svalbard returned to port in Longyearbyen in Norway after the successful recovery of three American deep-water moorings in the Beaufort Sea.